Han Chinese not humans?

I don't understand the logic behind this mentality. You can say China cracks down on the "peaceful protests" staged by lamas earlier on in the week. But is controlling the riots on Friday night which targetted ethnic Chinese a "crackdown"? Were the rioters, stoning and killing Han Chinese, not violating human rights of another people? To the westerners, letting the Tibetan rioters free-killing Han Chinese on the streets is "respect for human rights"? I deduce that the West just plainly don't believe Han Chinese are humans.
AFP - The Beijing Olympics were supposed to mark China's debut as a modern nation that commands respect, even admiration, but instead of that dream, the country's leaders face a PR nightmare.

A crackdown on unrest in Tibet has added to mounting pressure on China over human rights and other issues that threaten to tarnish the coming-out party, pushing its Communist leaders into an uncomfortable corner, analysts said.

AFP - China's crackdown on Tibetan protests has dealt a major embarassment to US President George W. Bush's administration, which removed the Asian giant from a human rights blacklist just three days before the bloody repression, experts say.

Rights groups and some lawmakers were dismayed by the State Department's decision last Tuesday to drop China from its list of the world's worst human rights violators despite what they called Beijing's worsening rights record even as it prepared to host the Olympic Games in August.

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PunditMom said...

Han Chinese are the majority ethnic group in China. So I really don't get this.

Anonymous said...

What don't you get punditmom? That a majority population should not enjoy human rights?

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